Starpath is a series of Sci-Fi RPs, considered the first of the FPCRPs. Originally titled Spaceship Crew RP, starting in March of 2015, it is set in the 24th century where the Milky Way witnesses many significant events that continue to affect everyone within in. The series usually involves a crew of some sorts, dealing with situations that prove treacherous.

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Origins Edit

The series has its origins within the Murder at Midnight series of RPs, which sent shockwaves within the larger roleplaying community in Facepunch's Fast Threads, with newcomers interested in character-oriented RPs interacting with those from the state-oriented RPs. The series' first GM announced the game during Season 6 of the murder mystery series - a character RP involving a space crew going across the galaxy and delivering an important object caught the idea of many, and so was the first installment of Starpath kickstarted. Originally planned to be a much shorter game, the players grew attached with their characters and continued to develop the world of the game, thus prompting a switch to a more narrative format, which the series continues to follow. The series is ever-growing in popularity, and while it is still at its second installment, plans for up to two more sequels have already been made.

List of installments Edit

Being a series, Starpath has, including those planned:

Alongside these, Starpath has an incredible amount of spinoffs, including those planned:

  • Crimson Incarnate
  • Codex of Sawark
  • Division's Legacy
  • Tears of Gods
  • Imperial Frontiers

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