Project Spearhead is a Sci-Fi RP created, set in the near future of 2043, where Earth is in a deadly struggle between life and death against crystalite alien invaders, approximately seventeen years after the initial invasion devastated part of the planet.

Players took the role of Spearhead soldiers that were going to be sent into the wasteland zone to carry out one last mission to finish the crystalite incursion once and for all. Unfortunately, as a result of competing with the original Starpath at the time, the RP slowly died out, without any known attempts to reboot it as of this writing.

Project Spearhead
Player Characters: William DeeVasil TodorovJoyce FlynnEric StanfordNick GraceCali ChuZachary SmithFelix RhodesAida NejemDonovan CamposChuck SteakKarl Ekkehardt

Setting: CrystalitesSpearhead One