Starpath: Journey Across the Galaxy is the first installment in the Starpath series. Originally named "Spaceship Crew RP," and with the original goal for it to be a shorter game that would finish after the initial delivery was done, it would herald the beginning of a new roleplaying community, linked closely with that of the nation kind, a true character roleplaying "renaissance."

Players would play as crew members of the new Archius XI, employed by the mega-conglomerate HarkArk Corporation, owned by the mysterious Harken Saw. Originally tasked to transport the even more mysterious object known as "the Oracle," the seemingly-benign job (with a strangely massive payout, might I add) would quickly evolve into a larger journey that would not only change the lives of those involved, but set off a violent and irreversible domino effect that would change the balance of power in the Milky Way galaxy.

Its popularity would prompt the creation of a sequel, known as Scoundrels of the Interstellar Highway, and an entire series worth of planned content by its players, who continue to nurture the world they had created. Two spin-offs have been developed by this game's GM - the still-in-development "Crimson Incarnate" and the currently running nation RP game Imperial Frontiers. A more detailed article on this RP can be located here.


Journey Across The GalaxyScoundrels of the Interstellar Highway