Fast Food: Stories of the Underpaid is a Fast Food Chain RP set sometime in the 3rd millennium, in a town without an official name. Unlike most other RPs within the community, this one does not take itself seriously and could hold the title of a "comedy" RP.

The primary location is the newly re-re-opened Butterbean Ranch, now owned by Mr. Plinkett. The players are employees of the restaurant, where they deal with everyday events while chaos looms. With a greater history behind the chain only alluded to, and with the rule of cool in place, it quickly attracted attention from those unwilling to participate in the more story-oriented RPs, such as Starpath.

It ended as quickly as it started, only lasting a mere day. However, its status within the community had garnered it the status of an "undead" RP, one that could easily come back for more "episodes," as each segment has been named. However, to date, there has only been one episode.

Fast Food: Stories of the Underpaid
Episode 1

Player Characters: Richard ShermanDwayne CamachoMeatmongoloidRodney Long-SchlongMickey GarciaFrank RaynoldsHerman BagleyVadim SukakovKevin StadlerMisty CopperfieldColby TerryMike StoklasaJames MoonPeter EllsbergSlab BulkheadJay BaumanJoseph BriggsArtyom BlyatskovitchHunter McBartlettTaeryn Kal'DemBucephelus JohnsonBob Grishnach
Locations: Butterbean Ranch • Unnamed Town