Welcome to the Facepunch Character Roleplay Wiki!

This Wikia is mainly about the Facepunch Character RP Group, a thriving community of character RP players that has spawned from the Facepunch RP Group since Late March of 2015. Since then, the community has gained several followers and have contributed and collaborated many ideas among themselves. This Wikia, akin to its affiliate, will archive and document the RPs of the group, including those not large enough for their own Wikia, as well as update on potential ideas for RPs, both current and upcoming.

Facepunch Character RP

Roleplay Series: StarpathLegends of Anvaris
Individual Roleplays: Project SpearheadBay DogsFast Food: Stories of the UnderpaidBlackguardMurder at MidnightBushido RoadA Dark WorldResistanceDead Men WalkingThe Imperial ColossusPeace, Land, and BreadBlack Sea BluesThe Lost SeaDeathslayer
Guides: The Roleplaying GuideCreating A Game