Bay Dogs is a Criminal RP set in the fictional city of Sanskirt, an endless cesspool of corruption and crime, during the Cold War. In the game, one would play as a criminal working for themselves or for the Oceania Bay Company, a front for a diverse crew known as the Bay Dogs. Together, the crew receives contracts from clients throughout the city, earning money wherever they go.

Near a month later, the RP experienced a wave of inactivity from its GM, eventually leading to its announced demise, to the dismay of its players. A year later, as part of an experiment, the GM brought it back as a means to see if roleplaying on Discord was viable, thus making it the larger community's first Discord-exclusive RP.

Set a month after the events prior to its demise, it similarly lasted for slightly more than a month before entering yet another wave of inactivity, this time prompted by its players rather than its GM, before once more meeting its demise. The experiment did prove successful however, with its pros and cons easily identified, which may lead to future Discord-exclusive RPs. However, for now, the Bay Dogs have been put to sleep once more.

Bay Dogs

Locations: SanskirtThe EstablishmentMr. Chen's Laundromat
Characters: Luke Bloom
Organizations: Russian MafiaKonoye-kai